We have some visitors! Edinburgh Photographer, Peter Dibdin has come to Kenema with his wife, Becky Milling and 4 year old daughter Suki. Peter is going to take photographs for us and document the new building as it goes up. They are here for over three weeks and Becky is planning to do some creative workshops with the girls at school.

They brought pencil cases with them for all of the girls donated by friends, family and Tollcross nursery.

Straws Workshops

Becky Milling arrived with a whole suitcase full of one metre length straws donated from the Royal Academy of Art in London. She did a workshop with a different class every day building towers, arches and experimenting. The girls thoroughly enjoyed constructing with the straws and were immediately hands on while the locals and children from other schools watched in amazement! You can read an article written by Becky here.